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Important Information about Social Event & Conference Banquet (13th Sptember)

As social event, on 13th September we will have a guided tour in the ship named Götheborg, which is a sailing replica of the Swedish East Indiaman Götheborg I, launched in 1738. In order to go to the sightseeing place, we will take the ferry nr 285 Älvsnabben (which goes towards “Klippan”) from Lindholmspiren. The ferry will leave at 18:42 sharp from Lindholmspiren. On the ferry, you must use the transportation card that we’ve provided you (in your conference badge attached to your banquet ticket). Ferry trip will take around 10 minutes and we will take off the ferry at the second stop, which is called Eriksbergs Färjeläge. The ship Göteborg is 5-minute walk from Eriksbergs Färjeläge. Exact address of the ship is Svenska Ostindiska Companiet, PIR FYRA, Gothenburg. The guided tour will start at 19:00 pm.

After the sightseeing event, we will go to River Restaurant for the banquet. River Restaurant is about 5-minute walk from the sightseeing place. Exact address of River Restaurant is: River Restaurant, Dockpiren, 417 64 Göteborg

We strongly recommend that you try to be at Lindholmspiren at 18:42 sharp in order not to miss the ferry.

In case you miss the ferry, transportation cards are also valid on buses. So, you can use bus transportation to get to the sightseeing place. In order to find out how to get to the sightseeing place by bus by Google Maps, you can use the exact addresses of the sightseeing place (i.e., ship Göteborg I ) and River Restaurant that we gave above.

Pic. 1: Location of the Social Event and Conference Banquet

Pic. 2: Götheborg Ship

Pic. 3: Inside River Restaurant

Conference Reception (12th Sptember)

Reception will take place at L’s Restro, which is located at the conference venue (Chalmers Lindholmen Conference Center). The reception is sponsored by the City of Gothenburg and it will be hosted by a representative in the City Council presidium.

Pic. 4: Reception Location – L’s Restro