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The conference venue “Lindholmen Conference Centre” is located next doors to Chalmers Technical University and surrounded by several companies. The address is Lindholmspiren 5, Gothenburg, Sweden.

All conference events will be held at “Lindholmen Conference Centre” and there will be signs and student volunteers guiding you to the right direction.

The venue can be reached using the free ferry from station “Stenpiren” or by bus number 16 or bus number 55 from the city center (stop “Brunnsparken”). Please use Västtrafik’s travel planner online or via the free mobile app. Visit this website for more information. To reach the conference venue, you can use the following two stations as destinations in the planner: “Lindholmen” (bus stop) or “Lindolmspiren” (ferry stop). You can also input a specific address in the planner, and it should suggest the best route.



Facts about Sweden

There are about 10 million people in Sweden, and its capital is Stockholm. The second largest city is Gothenburg with a population of 550,000.

Swedish is the official language in Sweden. The vast majority of Swedes also speak English, and generally to a very high level.

See more facts here.

Facts about Gothenburg

  • Time Zone: Central European Time (CET), UTC +1
  • Average Temperatures in September: 16°C (highest in a year)
  • Average Rainfall in April: 54 mm
  • Telephone Code: Country code: +46. Area code: 031


Things to do in Gothenburg

There are several activities recommended in the following websites:


Arriving & Departing

Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg has daily flights to and from most major European cities.

It is possible to take a Taxi from the airport directly to your hotel, and the price from the airport to the city center is around SEK 400 (45€).

There is also a convenient airport bus service that connects Landvetter Airport to the Central Station in Gothenburg. The bus stop is right outside the airport’s entrance and 2-4 buses run every hour. The travel time to the Central Station is about 30 minutes, and the trip costs SEK 105 (approximately 11 €). The buses are called Flygbussarna and tickets can be purchased online (and shown to the driver on the mobile phone), via totems at the airport, or directly on the bus (a bit more expensive). 


Bildresultat för radissonblu

This hotel is located a few hundred meters from the conference venue.


The following hotel is not bookable from the registration site, but it’s quite close to the conference venue:


This hotel is located about 25 minutes walk from the venue, but can also be easily reached by ferry. It is not located in the city center of the town but there are several restaurants in the surroundings.


Bildresultat för comfort hotel

This hotel is located in the city center of Gothenburg. There is a free ferry stop nearby, which take you direct to the conference venue in a few minutes.


Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 13.57.28

This hotel is located in the city center of Gothenburg. There is a free ferry stop nearby, which take you direct to the conference venue in a few minutes.


Alternatively, the hotels shown above and many others can be booked independently by the participants:

Transportation within the city (Buses/Ferries/Trams)

Very important! There is a free ferry on the river, taking the travelers from the station “Stenpiren” (city center) to the stop “Lindholmspiren” in Lindholmen (a few meters from the conference venue). This ferry runs on Monday to Friday at 07.00-19.00 and is called “286 Älveli” (but be careful, 285 is not free). This means that, if you plan to be only in the city center and at the conference, you don’t need to buy any ticket or pass.




To travel within the city, there are buses, ferries and trams, all using the same type of tickets. You can buy the physical tickets at kiosks called “Pressbyrån”, which you can find at the airport and several other places in the town and also close to the venue. There are different fares, from single ticket to 3-day touristic passes. Please visit!/en/tickets-and-prices for more information.

You can also download an app that allows to buy the single tickets via mobile phone (note: you need to be able to connect to the internet during the trip). Download Västtrafik ToGo at:!/en/tickets-and-prices/vasttrafik-to-go–mobile-ticket-1/

Some of the buses allow the traveler to purchase the ticket with credit card on-board, but this feature is limited to a few vehicles.